FoamWerks Replacement Blades WC-20 (pack of 20 blades)


  • Model: WC-20

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The WC style blade fits the Straight Cutter, Straight/Bevel Cutter, Rabbet Cutter, and V-Groove Cutter. The WA blade fits the Circle Cutter. The WB blade fits the Freestyle Cutter, and WD drill tips fit the Hole Drill.

WA Blade fits- FoamWerks WA8001 Circle Cutter. Available in WA-5 five pack of blades and WA-20 twenty pack of bladesWB Blade fits- FoamWerks WB6020 Freestyle Cutter. Available in WB-5 five pack of blades and WB-20 twenty pack of blades

WC Blade fits- FoamWerks WA2001 V-Groove Cutter, FoamWerks WC4010 Rabbet Cutter , FoamWerks WC6001 Straight Cutter, FoamWerks WC6010 Straight/Bevel Cutter. Available in WC-5 five pack of blades and WC-20 twenty pack of bladed


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