FrameCo BenchMaster 1 – Joiner Only #14728


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BenchMaster I Joiner takes your existing PushMaster Tool. This upgrades the PushMaster hand tool into a powerful frame joiner which is very easy to use. You do get a better frame joint because less pressure is being used to drive home the V-Nail. Add the base plate clamp (#14732) to complete your frame joiner. By inverting the frame upside-down in the BenchMaster you are able to determine where to place the v-nails more easily. This is easier than on the Logan and other joiners, and important for good joints. The moulding is not damaged by having the frame inverted whilst joining. The BenchMaster I does not include the FrameCo Strap Clamp but can be used with any good quality Strap Clamp…naturally the FrameCo Strap Clamp is the best!


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