Your First Choice in Mat Board Suppliers, Sydney

Mat boards are used in picture framing to enhance the look of your piece of art in the picture frame. They come in various colours and sizes. When choosing mat board for your art, prints or photos, you will have to consider colour and how much of the mat you want appearing between the frame and the work. Despite not being part of the actual work, which board you choose greatly impacts the finished product. Some artists choose contrasting mat to set off a work, where others stay more conservative and choose complementary neutral tones.

Preserving and Protecting Your Prints, Paintings and Photos

Not only does the mat contribute the overall effect of a finished and framed piece of art, it also contributes to the preservation of some pieces. Art conservationists employ mat board techniques to prevent any water condensation from touching more delicate artworks, such as watercolour paintings or pastel drawings. Mat board is often used when mounting and framing photographs, as any moisture build up under the glass can damage prints as well.

Uncut mats are available, with the standard mat size being 1020mm x 815mm. Pre-cut mats are available in various colours and sizes.

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