BMI BMImeter pocket tape 2 meters


BMI Quicky that was sold a hundred thousand fold was further developed and is now called BMImeter. Fascination and advantages of this measurement tool can hardly be topped. The major changes include: The BMImeter has a tape stopper and is available in both 2-m and 3-m designs.
The fascination
Due to a special treatment of the refined steel tape, the tape rolls out on its own.
The benefits
Rust-free, refined steel tape, white enameled
Totally water-proof
break-proof, durable, sustainable advertising medium
Accuracy according to EC class I(± 0.9 mm, for comparison, ruler ± 2.2 mm in each 2 m)
Extremely compact, light and handy
Ideal for drawing continuous lines.
The tape lies flatly on the table, allowing precise marking of measurements
The first of its kind anywhere in the world, which has become extremely popular
Made in Germany!

Model: BMI429

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