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Glass cut to Size

 2mm Clear Glass cut to size

 $0.17 per ucm

 2mm Non Reflective Glass

 $0.50 per ucm


UCM = length + width

Example: a piece of glass measuring 30cm x 70cm

UCM = 30 + 70 =100

Cost for clear glass (2mm) = $0.15 x 100 = $15 
Glass by the sheet


 Clear Glass 800x1000x2mm



 Clear Glass 800x1000x2mm


 10 Pack

 Clear Glass 800x1000x2mm



 Non Reflective Glass 914x1220x2mm



 Clear Glass 914x1220x2mm



 Clear Glass 914x1524x2mm




 Perspex 2mm cut to size

$0.50 per ucm

  Perspex 1.2 x 2.4 meter $100


The image below demonstates the degree of reflection for reflective glass, non-reflective glass and perspex.



All three will have similar transparencies when an image is placed behind them.



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